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The Foremost Thing That We Provide Is Consultancy. We Understand That Going For Any Big Investment Is Not An Easy Decision And Hence We Believe That Guiding You On What Is The Best And Right For You Is The Most Crucial Thing First Before Beginning With The Project. We Have A Well Qualified Consultancy Team That Works With Full Dedication And Gives You The Right Advice.The Team Would Guide You On The Cost Structure And Also On Any Available Rebates And Incentives.


Energy Auditing Is The Method Of Assessing How Much Energy Is Being Utilized In A Particular Area And How You Can Improve Upon Its Efficiency.It Can Help You A Great Deal By Pointing Out The Problems Which Can Save A Significant Amount Of Money On Correction. We Undertake A Very Professional Energy Assessment And Examine Each Minute Detail Of Your Energy Use. Our Expert Energy Auditor Will Do A Thorough Examination Of The Place And Would Use Equipments To Detect Energy Loss And Improve Energy Consumption.


Sarvadnya Provides An Exhaustive Project Development Service Covering The Design As Well As Installation. Our Staff Is Familiar With All The Government Programs And Incentives.We Get Quick Permit From The Required Authorities And Then Start With The Construction Part Without Any Delay.We Effectively Analyze Your Objectives And Then Customize Them In Accordance To Create The Maximum Value.We Carry Out Demonstration Projects,Making Sure They Have A High Visibility And Attract Mass Appeal. Your Big Project Would Reach Its Goal.
1] Analysing the home and objective of the project
2] Designing the project in accordance with life-cycle modeling and forecasting
3] Co-ordination between project vendors and sub-contractors
4] Project permit and inspection afterwards
5] Final inauguration of the system and benchmarking


Our Expert Engineers Have The Best Knowledge Of Project Design And Abide By The Engineering Rules To Establish Projects That Yield Good Value.They Use Their Expertise And Immense Knowledge To Figure Out All The Parameters In Delivering The Best Results. With The Use Of High Quality Products, Our Experts Ensure That The Best Design Is Made Available To You. Apart From This, Reliability As Well As Durability Of The Project Is Also Ensured. It Is Also Made Sure That The Price-Performance Ratio Is As Low As Possible. Our Design Package Includes The Following:
1] Title page: It covers the complete work summary, sheet index and the complete view of the project,
2] PV Layout: It covers the system location and the dimensions.
3] Anchoring Method: It covers the foundation of the project and the weather-proofing details.
4] Wiring Diagram: It covers the wiring and all the grounding details.
5] Signage: It covers the details of the placards and the directories.


The Engineering, Procurement And Construction(EPC) Team At Urban Solarise Is One Of The Most Sought After Teams.We Offer The Complete Spectrum Of Services Ranging From How Feasible The Project Is To The Appointment Of People To Start The Work On The Project. Our Team Is Not Afraid To Take Up Even The Most Complicated Projects And Works While Making Sure That The Engineering Is Cost-Effective.Due To Its Rich Experience In Offering EPC Services, The Expert Team At Urban Solarise Has The Potential To Complete The Projects Within The Pre-Determined Budget And On Time. This Ensures That Your Investment Is Paid Off In The Long Run. A Simple EPC Involves:
1] Very less efforton the part of the owner
2] Single contact point
3] Very convenient to use
4] Best quality
5] No influence of market rise on owner


Proper Testing And Commissioning Should Be An Integrated Part Of Any Project, Be It Housing Project, Electricity Project Or The Solar Project. At Urban Solarise, We Perform The Right Testing And Commissioning. Our Protocols Meet The Correct Standards.We Test Each Array Thoroughlybefore Connecting The System To The Grid. We Make Use Of BS EN 62446 As A Standard For Testing And Commissioning. It Is Quick And Easy To Use. The EPCs Should Verify The Installation And Check Whether The System Is Performing As Desired Or Not. The Commissioning Tests Should Be Included In The Installation Process. These Tests, Conducted By EPCs Include:
1] Earth tests
2] Polarity test
3] Open Circuit voltage test
4] Operating current test
5] Short circuit current test
6] Insulation test etc.


Now Once Everything Gets Completed,People Need To Be Guided On How To Use The New Thing. Suryanand Dedicated Towards Providing High-Quality Training At A Very Nominal Price And FREE Online Training So As To Enable People To Get On To An Easy Start. We Also Hold Workshops At Regular Intervals Which Are Very Interactive And Involve People Trying Their Hands On Labs.


Anything Installed For The First Time In Your House Requires Maintenance. The Proper Maintenance Can Extend Its Life.If It Operates Without Disruption Of Any Sort, Then The Output Generated Would Be Quite Valuable. The Stream Of Output Generated Would Be Constant And If Proper Service Is Done Then The Performance Would Improve And The Risk Of Failure Would Be Reduced Greatly. A System Devoid Of Proper Operation And Maintenance Is Also Devoid Of Any Warranty.